It Seems Unfair that
Arthritis Has No Age Limits...

Welcome to Our "Under 21" Page

for patients with rheumatic and autoimmune diseases who are under 21 and their families, friends, and health professionals

dedicated to children

and teens


...with chronic illness


Links just for you:

AARDA -- Juvenile Arthritis
ACR Patient Information -- Juvenile Arthritis -- Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Arthritis Foundation -- Kids Get Arthritis, Too
Band-Aides and Blackboards
Center for Mothers with Rheumatic Disease
Children of Chronically Ill Parents Message Board
DrDoc On-Line -- Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
Garmisch Homepage on Pediatric Rheumatology
GRACE -- Give Rheumatoid Arthritis Children Encouragement
Missouri Lupus Chapter's Ped Place
NORD -- Juvenile Arthritis
Parents' Buddy Board
Pediatric Rheumatology Home Page
Teens with Crohn's Disease Web Site
Thyroid Disorders in Children
The Wolf in Kid's Clothing
one of our group members put together this fantastic site

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